Smiletec360 Mobile laser teeth whitening prices West Yorkshire

Making whiter smiles affordable

The benefits of having whiter, brighter, healthier looking teeth are obvious. We will give you a bright, radiant smile that will add to your confidence in less than an hour at a SMILE TEC 360 clinic near you.
  • If you have an important job interview coming up, you are about to get married or meeting someone special for the first time perhaps on a first date
  • You will want your teeth to look sparkling white and healthy. Now is the time to take advantage of our professional Blue Light teeth whitening treatment at our incredible introductory prices? Blue Light teeth whitening offers an inexpensive, extremely effective way of returning your teeth to their original colour
  • Safely, hygienically and without pain in LESS THAN AN HOUR. We guarantee to lighten your teeth by 8-12 shades by removing years of plaque and discoloration caused by the food and drink we consume or from smoking. We can give you a healthier, brighter looking radiant smile in just one simple professional treatment. With Blue Light teeth whitening you do not need to spend alot of money on expensive cosmetic dentistry such as crowns and veneers when SMILE TEC 360’s fully trained consultants can remove years of staining and discolouration at one quick appointment. WE CAN RETURN YOUR TEETH TO THEIR ORIGINAL COLOUR in just one hours session –
  • PRICE LIST – price is for home based laser teeth whitening and consultation taking 75 minutes in total undertaken same day.
  • One person laser teeth whitening cost NOW £169.00 was £249.00
  • Two people laser teeth whitening cost NOW £300.00 (£150.00 each) save £’s
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